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If you want to sell your property fast but you also want certainty, convenience and peace of mind – with our tried and tested service, that’s exactly what you get!

We’ve streamlined the selling process, removing everything that makes selling your house difficult and putting you back in control of your property sale. Here are some of the reasons to sell your property quickly to us.

What you get in a home sale to us…

1. Instant buyer

Your house is purchased from you directly, and we can complete in as little as two weeks.

2. We offer quickly

Receive a formal offer on your home within 24-48 hours

3. Guaranteed price

We pay a £1,000 deposit when you accept our offer, so you know it won’t change.

4. Flexible timeframes

Sell now, move when you’re ready. We’ll work to the timeframes to suit you.

And what you skip…

1. No fees or costs

We don’t charge fees, there’s no agent to pay and we cover your legal fees.

2. No contracts or tie-ins

Get a free offer with no obligation. And if you accept, you’re still never tied in.

3. No viewings

Avoid the hassle property viewings inevitably involve

4. No waiting

This is the fastest way to sell your property, from in as little as 14 days.

How Much Do We Offer?

Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to sell your house fast for full market value.

We usually offer between 80% – 95% of market value. However by buying your house from you at a discount to its full value we’re able to give you a certain, stress-free, fast house sale, and guarantee you expert support throughout.

You’ll make significant cost savings that help offset the lower price too – many of these costs are often overlooked when selling. Have a look at our comparison table below.



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Property Value

Offer Amount

Selling Process:

Average Time to Sell

Average Viewings

Cost Incurred:

Estate Agent Fees

Solicitor Fees

Repairs and Redecoration

Price Reduced After Survey

Holding/Viewing Period Costs:

Mortage Payments

Council Tax & Bills

Final Amount You Recieve

Selling to Us



21 days

0 Viewing







£ 124,500

Sell Your Property Fast

No Hassle

No Fees

Selling via Agent



6-12 Months

10+ Viewing

£ 2,500

£ 1,250


£ 2,500

£ 4,000

£ 2,000

£ 132,750

Long Waits


No Control

How It Works

Choose Express Evictions for a simple, fast and straight-forward house sale.

A sale through ourselves is all about best in class service. We’re here to get you moving quickly and efficiently, with minimal stress, and maximum satisfaction and control. If you sell your property through us you’ll skip the viewings, skip the hassle, and keep complete control over your moving timeline.

Read more about each of these 5 stages (Enquiry, Valuation, Offer, Solicitors, and Completion) below:

Click the icons below to read more about each stage.

Speak with our team

First, complete our online form or call in.

We’ll have a chat with you about your property then get some information about when you’re looking to move.

We’ll discuss some rough figures with you, and if you're potentially happy with them we'll arrange a free valuation for you.

Full valuation

We’ll arrange for two local estate agents to visit your home at your convenience.

They’ll complete valuation reports, get a few photographs for us, and send us their findings.

In the mean time, we’ll also be completing our own thorough research using online tools and data.

Making our formal offer

Next, we work through all the feedback from the valuation process and determine our offer.

We’ll call you to make our offer, and can talk through the valuation feedback too.

Our offers are free and there’s no obligation – meaning you're in control. If you're not happy with the price, simply reject our offer.

Progressing your sale

If you decide to accept our offer then it’s time to instruct the solicitors. (We cover your legal fees, so don’t worry about costs).

You can use your own solicitor if you have one. Alternatively, we can recommend you to a solicitor who we know can work fast, and will help make the whole process easy.

There’s a little paperwork to fill out at the start of the process (give us a call if you need help), then we take care of the rest.

Completion day

On the completion date you’ve picked funds will be transferred over to your solicitor.

They’ll settle your mortgage (if you have one), then pay the rest of the funds over to you.

The money will reach your account the same day and a local estate agent will meet you to collect keys – and that’s it. Done!

Our Cash Sale vs
Estate Agent Sale

Most house sales take place the traditional way – with a high-street or online estate agent.

You’ll list your home for sale with them then they’ll try and find you a buyer.

You may get the best price this way, but it comes with its pitfalls too (usually a long, uncertain, and stressful sale).

There are a few smart things we do to help you bypass the hassles and enjoy an easy, guaranteed and quick house sale instead.

  • We’ll make you an offer quickly
  • We’ll complete when you’re ready
  • No contracts – change your mind any time
  • No fees, we cover legal costs
  • No viewings or chains
  • We buy your house ‘as is’

Traditional Home Sale

  • Wait for viewings and offers, with some falling through
  • No control over how long the process takes
  • Lengthy contracts – can’t withdraw (even if agent underperforms)
  • Agent fees, legal fees and deductions amounting to many £000s
  • Many buyers will be in chains, further delays
  • House needs to be at its best to impress viewers

How do we make fast property sales work for you?

A traditional home sale takes months – and many can take much longer.

So how do we make it so easy?

By rebuilding the process and focussing on 6 fundamental areas:

We’re your buyer

We buy from you directly. (Meaning no estate agents, no waiting for viewings, no haggling over offers, no unqualified buyers and no chains)

Financing ready

We’ve got financing in place, so no waiting around for buyers with slow mortgage applications (or their own house to sell).

Experienced team

We take out insurance policies to sidestep many of the common problems that hold up normal sales and cause complications.

We offer quickly

No waiting weeks or months for viewings or serious offers. We conduct our in-depth valuation, then make you an offer quickly.

The best solicitors

We have long-standing relationships with fast solicitors who are proactive and do everything by email (no snail mail).

Tailored service

We communicate with you throughout the process, meaning you’re always up to date and in control, and any issues are flagged and resolved quickly.


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