Now part of Sentinel Solutions Ltd. Express Evictions are based at the iconic City Tower offices within Manchester’s Central Business District right in the heart of the city.

We have dealt with almost every eviction scenario imaginable.

Our dedicated team of committed professionals advises and assists clients with residential tenancy evictions and collect associated debts and costs nationally.

Specialists in our field – we advise, mediate, litigate and manage national delivery of our core services.

We have been providing outstanding solutions which minimise costs and reduce losses for almost 2 decades.

Our services are available throughout England and Wales.

There are 3 stages to the eviction process with each step having a fixed price – with NO HIDDEN COSTS.

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Click here to read our advice page on ‘How to Evict a Tenant in 2023’.


Section 8 and 21 NoticesStage 1

£ 95


Notices must be in a prescribed format, filled in correctly, and properly served.

Most evictions fail due to a defective Notice. It’s very important to get this stage right.
We prepare and legally serve Section 8 Notices, Section 21 Notices/Form 6A, or both together. A strongly worded warning letter is included. A Certificate/Statement/Proof of Postage/Service is included as applicable.

Section 21 Notices 

Section 21 Notice – We Legally Serve: £95

Section 8 Notices

Section 8 Notice (Rent Only) – We Legally Serve: £95

Section 8 Notice (Non-Rent) – We Legally Serve: £125

Section 8 and Section 21 Notices Together

Both Notices Together – We Legally Serve: £165

No hidden costs. All notices are issued within 48 hours.

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Court Possession OrderStage 2

£ 445


If a tenant does not leave or resolve issues by the date stated within the Notice issued at the previous stage we can commence court proceedings to obtain a Possession Order. This is a court ordered date by which the tenant must leave.

We complete the entire possession application bundle, including all copies of all evidence /documents required. We deal with any tenant defence. An SRA regulated Landlord and Tenant Law expert eviction solicitor represents you in court to present your case. You then receive your court order.
You receive support via phone, email and message for the duration. All applications completed within 4 working days.

Possession Orders

Accelerated Possession Order
via Section 21/Form 6A, with solicitor at court – £445.

“Standard” Possession Order
via Section 8 for Rent Only Grounds, with Solicitor at court – £545.

“Standard” Possession Order
via Section 8 for any Grounds aside rent, with Solicitor at court – £595.

£355 court fee also payable.

Inc tax. No hidden costs. Issued within 10 days.

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Eviction (Bailiff/Warrant)Stage 3

£ 170


For the few tenants that do not comply with the possession order obtained previously at stage 2, we can take action to enforce the order and evict the tenant(s).

We apply to either The County Court for a Warrant or The High Court for a Writ.

A County Court Bailiff enforces a Warrant, and a Writ is enforced by High Court Enforcement Officers/Agents.

A County Court Warrant is cheaper but can take a few weeks to be executed. A High Court Writ is more expensive but is usually executed within a few days.

At this stage a County Court Bailiff or High Court Enforcement Officer/Agent will set a date to remove the tenant(s) and return possession to the landlord.

County Court Bailiff Eviction – £170
Eviction usually within 4 to 16 weeks.
Inc tax. No hidden costs. £130 court fee also payable.

High Court Eviction – £1095
Eviction usually within 2 to 4 weeks.
Inc tax and court fees. No hidden costs.

All applications submitted within 72 hours.

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Non-payment of rent and legal costs arising from tenancy breaches, such as anti social behaviour and tenant fraud, are two of the biggest financial risks to landlords.

We have teamed up with leading landlord insurer RentGuard to protect landlords against both rent loss and legal costs.



Rent Guarantee and Legal Expenses Cover



We provide national “No Win, No Fee” Pre-Legal Debt Recovery.

Our High Court Enforcement partners locate and then contact the debtor to settle the debt in full or reach an agreed payment plan.

During this stage a pre-legal letter is sent to the debtor warning that if they fail to make contact or agree to either settle the debt in full or reach an agreed payment plan further action will be taken. This action may include obtaining a County Court Judgment (CCJ) or other enforcement action.

If no meaningful contact is made during the Pre-Legal Stage we then help you through the process of further action, if appropriate, and not limited to obtaining a CCJ (County Court Judgement).

Fee for Debt Recovery is 17.5% of whatever we collect
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We provide a national “No Trace, No Fee” National Tenant Tracing Service.

A tenant may leave a property at the end of the tenancy without providing a forwarding address.

A number of these will have built up significant debts to the landlord, such as not paying rent, legal costs or property damage.

Some tenants deliberately withhold providing a forwarding address in an attempt to avoid making payment. However, moving without leaving a “digital footprint” is now very difficult. Our highly skilled High Court trace team locate absconded tenants swiftly.

Tenant Tracing from £75
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We are a member of the:

The Independent Property Ombudsman

The purpose of PRS is to provide our customers enhanced customer service.



We deploy a bespoke integrated Microsoft IT solution. Bringing together best-in-class data processing, communication and security products by Microsoft, with advanced systems and device management capabilities to process and safeguard your data. Data is processed through our systems as workflows quickly and meticulously, ensuring accuracy and security. All data is protected via Microsoft’s secure cloud servers. We control and manage access to all data. Our Full Stack Microsoft (Dynamics, Exchange, Office, Windows) deployment enables us to manage identity and access on all systems, protect all data and use advanced threat protection. We are also protected against unsafe attachments, suspicious links, and other cyber threats.


Our principals have decades of experience with residential evictions, tenancy enforcement, lettings, property management, landlord insurance and delivering excellent customer service. We manage large property portfolios for select landlords in the north and partner with leading insurers and brokers. Our staff are qualified members of the the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIHM), the Property Redress Scheme, the National Landlords Association, the Residential Landlords Association, the Guild of Residential Landlords, and CeMAP accredited, a Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) approved qualification.


Our customers strongly recommend us. They score us 5 out of 5 stars. We have experienced staff and well developed systems in place to ensure we work as quickly and cost effectively as possible. We have a 99% success rate and 10,000’s happy customers. Our methods are tried, tested and continuously improving.


All work is completed shortly after payment is made. Our processes have been streamlined to maximise value to the customer in the shortest time possible. We work fast. We work smart. As a continuously evolving and improving organisation our processes ensure quality, speed, stability and predictability.

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The payment reference should be the first line of the tenants address.

Payments can take up to 2 days to clear but usually clear immediately.

Once payment has been made please send an email to or call 0800 118 4 118 to advise us of the details.


We cannot help you. You should contact a solicitor or local advice centre.

We only speak to tenants when instructed by their landlord(s).


Evictions usually take 2 to 6 months. Notices and court applications must run their course.

For an update on your case please email us. Emails are responded to within 1 business day.

Please read the Eviction Advice and T&Cs pages before contacting us.

Local Authority/Solicitor or Adviser Enquiries

All communication in writing. Please email any enquiries to

Please include the tenants name, the rental property address and evidence of your authority to act.

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